Friday, 10 December 2010

Costumes & Props

Within a music video, costume and props are vital in attracting the audiences attention and making the video appear professional. Within my music video, the majority of the costumes will be simple and easy to get hold of, but should give a professional look.

The band;
The band will be wearing skinny jeans in the music video. This clothing style is typical of an indie ban
d, as Green Day and Biffy Clyro also share this clothing style, and are both of the same genre. In order to make the band stand out from the backers and the main character, we will ensure the band wear black skinnies, so that they look like a group.

The Scarecrow;
The scarecrow will be wearing denim dungarees on top of old fashioned clothing, such as ripped


The cast for our music video will consist of the following;

For the band, we will be using three males; one as the singer, one as the guitar player and one as the drummer. However, due to the constant change in locations throughout the music video, we will not be using instruments throughout, so the audience can only assume that the three characters are band members, as only the singer will be lip syncing throughout the video. However, the band will be known as they will be introduced in the artwork of the digipack.

As this character is the protagonist of the video, it will also be the most remembered and the most iconic, due to its entropic role throughout. For this role, we will be using Will Tyler, as we believe he will make a good scarecrow, both acting and physically.

We will be using a handful (4-8) of backing dancers who will enter during the most uplifting time of the song to add a further lift to the mood and atmosphere.

Location Shots

As planned, me and my partner went out and took photos of possible location shots for our music video. We did this so we could compare and see where would be the best place to set and film our music video.

Time Planning

Me and my partner have sat down and discussed when we are going to do different tasks within the planning task leading up to the music video.
This is our time plan.


Me and my partner produced a pitch to show the concept of our music video, rough ideas such as cast and locations etc. This is our pitch;

Friday, 3 December 2010

Technology Skills & Aims

Since the start of the week, I have learnt a lot about technology and different programmes which I will be using for my music video and production work. Due to my inexperience with these programmes such as Photoshop, I thought this was a good place to start to develop my technology skills. I knew that effects such as airbrushing and reduplicating images would all be useful when creating my digipack and advert. I also wished to learn to fade and layer images but due to the lack of time available, this is something I will have to learn whilst/if I use these effects in my production work.

I was motivated to develop these specific technical skills because I knew they would be useful when creating my production work. After doing some research into digipacks, I noticed that many use special effects for the front cover, and wished to reflect this on my digipack. In order to this successfully, I needed to look at the different effects which were available on the programmes such as Photoshop. This has been my main motivation to develop my technical skills this week, as the majority of the effects available are new to me, so it's like starting from the very start when it comes to the effects for my work; making me keen to learn.

Another reason for my motivation is the relationship between technical skills and creativity. For example, I believe for a printed piece, such as a digipack and advert, technical skills are vital in order to create a creative piece of work. Without decent technical skills, the production work, I believe, will consist of redundant images, whether it be photographs or cartoon/drawn images. I believe the creativity and entropy lies within the technical skills

do you develop skills differently now compared with when you first started on the course?
how did media professionals develop the skills they needed to get on?
how do uni students develop technical skills?