Monday, 28 June 2010

Lip Syncing Task

As my coursework is based on a music video which includes many actors and actresses lip syncing to the audio as well as performing, I thought it would be a good idea to collect together a couple of people to lip sync, so that I could get an idea of how hard it is, what I am expecting of them to do in my coursework, and what it is like to direct actors and actresses' to perform in front of a camera. By doing this, it also gives me some practice into using digital equipment (Mini DV Cameras), and the editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro).

After attempting the lip syncing task, I found it rather easy to ask the performers to lip sync to a specific song. However, I believe this is because I used rather confident performers who didn't mind lip syncing, and therefore gave it there all during the recording. During my coursework however, my performers may not be as confident, which will make directing them more tricky.
When it came to editing the music video, we realised that we had cut off the recording a little too early, and the sequences didn't match up as we expected which created a jump cut (0.33secs). To avoid this in the future, I will move the camera and tripod more than 30 degrees, whether it be to the other performer, or to an extract I will cut in to the music video.
Overall, I believe this experience helped me get used to directing performers, using digital techology and editing sequences, and I have learnt how hard it is to create a small music video.
Finished Music Video;