Tuesday, 19 October 2010


In order to produce a successful music video, it needs to be easy to recognise and categorise in to a particular genre. In order to do this, the music video needs to contain recognisable features to place it in to the suitable genre category. For example, pop music videos will contain plenty of lighting, bright colours (whether it be mise-en-scene or costumes, or often, both, simple cinematography (usually straight edits and cuts, and often filmed from the tripod to ensure 'easy' viewing) etc.

This is because pop music videos are often aimed at teenagers, and often females. Stereotypically, teenagers, especially females, are known for having a short attention span (57% of US teens and rising- source; itfacts.biz) so simple music videos would be successful in attracting the target audience's attention.

By containing these micro features within the music video, it ensures the artist attracts the correct target audience to the video and therefore; the rest of the album by that particular artist.

Examples of pop music videos include;

This music video is simply produced, despite it being a maintstream band. The band members are wearing bright clothing, and are shot in mainly close ups and long shots, emphasising the simple cinematagraphy. The music video contains no real storyline either, and only shows the band members arriving on to location and dancing.This sugegsts further that the target audience of female teenagers are entertained by simplicity, making this music video successful.